Monday, April 21, 2014

Was It a Dream?

It is always good to get away.  If you are anything like me, you work very hard, day in and day out.  So when spring break rolled around, I was more than ready to escape the Midwestern drudgery and generally icky weather to discover warmer sunnier climes.

But now that I am back home in the comfort of routine, with the busy calendar pushing me onward, I look back on our time as if it were a dream.  Did it really happen?

My family and I were very lucky this year to go to Puerto Rico.  If you haven't been, might I suggest a trip when you are in the complete blank whites and grays of winter?  Wide cloudless blue skies, ocean breezes and beautiful beaches await you there.  Seriously.

On one of our days, we kicked around the busy streets of old San Juan.  On a whim, I turned down a side street, only to discover this:

Yes, folks.  This is real.  An entire shop dedicated to poetry.  No, it's not a dream.  The Poet's Passage is a book store/coffee shop/reading venue/hand painted poetry-related arts and crafts shop in the heart of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  (Readings are in both Spanish and English.) 

How had I not heard of this place?  It does a poet's heart good to see such places existing and thriving.  Why aren't there more places like this state-side?

Hmm.  Perhaps we need a little magic from San Juan to come back with us to Indiana.  Oh, and I'll keep some of that persistent sunshine too.

What have you been up to?


Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Sounds like a lovely time, Stacy! Glad you enjoyed your break. :)

Jan Morrison said...

How heavenly! Is it not poetry month as well? Of course, to some of us it is always poetry month. My trip down soth was to Ottawa! I was there for nearly a month with my newest year Cuba I hope but naturally babies trump rum drinks! I'm working on a poem for the CBC contest. Has to be in by end of month -quite a long shot as it has a hefty prize, but stretching is good.

Stacy Post said...

Jan, best of luck on the contest! So nice of you to drop by! Keep me posted, will you?

Stacy Post said...

Madeline, it was a well deserved break. I want to go back! Happy writing, buddy!