Friday, March 21, 2014

A Word Following Me


I heard it on a CBS Sunday Morning segment.

I heard it at my parents home when celebrating my father's 67th birthday.  He called my boys whippersnappers for a laugh.

I heard it again, on the radio, and didn't catch why it was said, but thought perhaps it was a part of a name of a band?

What is a whippersnapper?  In my mind, it is a reference to someone young who may be challenging the old.  But I looked it up in my Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and it says:

n [alter. of snippersnapper] (1700):
a diminutive, insignificant or presumptuous person

Hmm. Okay.  So maybe it does apply to youth in a way, albeit indirect.  But it has popped up on my radar.  Have you heard anyone say whippersnapper in your neck of the woods?  What words are following you?

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Jan Morrison said...

Heck yes! The reason you thought it was to do with youth is because it usually comes with young before it. As in "you young whippersnappers think you know everything but you don't know jack-shit!" How about these words -jaboney, flibberdegibbet, and jackanapes?